Meet the Experts - China

On Saturday the 21st of May 2022 the 1st  GloVANet/WoCoVA ‘Meet the Experts – China’ was a great success. Over 4800 people from china but also more than 200 people from the rest of the world watched the live stream. GloVANet/WoCoVA is pleased to share with you the full recording of the 1 hr 30 min session.

VAD choice preference in oncology treatment

Opening and introduction Cancer treatment in China – Ton van Boxtel (NL), Wen Lu (CN)

When is PICC the best choice in cancer patients – Mauro Pittiruti (IT)

VA in Oncology, the Chinese situation – Jia Li (CN)

Closing – Ton van Boxtel (NL)

The International Vascular Experts at the first 'Meet the Experts - China'

Jia Li (CN)
Mauro Pittiruti (IT)
Photo Ton van Boxtel
Ton van Boxtel (NL)

If you want to re-watch the ‘Meet the Experts – China’ session you can click below.

Industry Partners
WoCoVA thanks BD-China for their support to help sharing scientific knowledge to further improve vascular access practices worldwide and in this case specifically in China. It is important to improve patient care.

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