A European Initiative

Patients and health care professionals will benefit from, proper usage of Vascular Access Devices (VADs). A number of National Societies from Europe have launched an initiative called ERPIUP: ‘European Recommendations for Proper Indication and Use of Peripheral Venous Access Devices’. ERPIUP is a WoCoVA consensus, endorsed by GAVeCeLT (Italy), GruMAV (Spain), GIFAV (France) as well as other National Societies from Europe. ERPIUP was launched at the 4th WoCoVA in Lisbon (Portugal, 2016).


The goal of ERPIUP is to provide European nurses and physicians with an evidence-based frame of recommendations on the appropriate usage of the various types of peripheral VADs in adult patients, and on the safest and most cost-effective strategies for their insertion, maintenance and removal.

Who are ERPIUP ?

A panel of key opinion leaders, adequately representative of the European VAD world, plus a methodologist, a web research specialist and a small group of European peer reviewers are engaged in ERPIUP. The team is currently composed of:

  • Sheila Inwood – panel coordinator (UK)
  • Mauro Pittiruti – 2nd panel coordinator (Italy)
  • Liz Simcock (UK)
  • Giancarlo Scoppettuolo (Italy)
  • Christian Dupont (France)
  • Gloria Ortiz Miluy (Spain)
  • Godelieve Goossens (Belgium)
  • Ton Van Boxtel (The Netherlands)
  • Evangelos Kostantinou (Greece)
  • Peter Carr – web research specialist
  • Massimo Lamperti – methodologist
  • Tom Elliott, Sergio Bertoglio, and Walter Zingg – peer reviewers