Since the start of WoCoVA in 2009, several projects have been supported by WoCoVA. The first project was publication of research based criteria for vascular access clinicians.

WoCoVA is the platform to unite active professionals and activities related to vascular access.
The worldwide network is unique and can be used to start and support projects with professionals that represent the topic worldwide. In the past WoCoVA launched a number of projects. Some are finished, others are in progress and new projects will be initiated. For each suggested project we work with a well-defined project plan including a project team, goal description and expected outcome at the end of the project. Suggestions for future projects are welcome. Please submit your plan with an outline and suggestion for implementation. Projects in different stages of development are listed on this page.

Each project will have a short description of the goal and status of the project. If you have any ideas for a vascular access project, we invite you to send a brief summary of your idea to [email protected].