Certification to underline ‘State of the Art’ quality vascular acces and infusion technology is an important value of the Global Vascular Access Network.

GloVANet is preparing a tool to certify training and educational programs if the WoCoVA / GloVANet standards are met.

The scientific criteria were published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) in 2013 and are in a process for update and renowed publication.

In the near future, GoVANet will offer an option to submit your vascular access related training & educational programs for GloVANet certification.

Universities and other educational centers might have a VA program for basic or more advanced training. This can be for all disciplines involved, including doctors, nurses, hospital hygienists, pharmacist and other health care workers that have a focus on vascular access.

GloVANet will install a committee of VA experts and a submission tool to apply for GloVANet certification.