Vascular Access Related Articles

Interest in Vascular Access is growing world-wide. This is also reflected in the growing number of scientific publications on this topic. A selection, that fulfills the WoCoVA criteria and are open source, is listed below, and available for download. If you have wish to publish any of your own work, please get in touch through the WoCoVA Contact page.

Comparison of central line-associated bloodstream infection rates when changing to a zero fluid displacement intravenous needleless connector in acute care settings
Cynthia C. Chernecky RN, PhD, Denise Macklin BSN, RNC, VA-BC, William R. Jarvis MD, Thomas V. Joshua MS
American Journal of Infection Control xxx (2013) 1-3

Focus on peripherally inserted central catheters in critically ill patients
Paolo Cotogni, Mauro Pittiruti
World J Crit Care Med 2014 November 4; 3(4): 80-94

Flushing and Locking of Venous Catheters: Available Evidence and Evidence Deficit
Godelieve Alice Goossens
Hindawi Publishing Corporation, Nursing Research and Practice. Article ID 985686. Received 12 November 2014, accepted 24 February 2015.

Comparison of four skin preparation strategies to prevent catheter-related infection in intensive care unit (CLEAN trial): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Véronique Goudet, Jean-François Timsit, Jean-Christophe Lucet, Alain Lepape, Dorothée Balayn, Sabrina Seguin and Olivier Mimoz
Goudet et al. Trials 2013, 14:114

Health Care in Spain: Current Status and Future Directions
Paloma Ruiz Hernandez, Gloria Ortiz Miluy

PICC line catheters and long-term home parenteral nutrition
IV-TEAM Vascular access device and IV infusion therapy resource (

Evaluation of cost-effectiveness from the funding body’s point of view of ultrasound-guided central venous catheter insertion compared with the conventional technique
Danilo Teixeira Noritomi, Rogério Zigaib, Otavio T. Ranzani, Vanessa Teich
Rev Bras Ter Intensiva. 2016;28(1):62-69
DOI: 10.5935/0103-507X.20160014

Technological innovation for peripheral venipuncture: ultrasound training
Andrey Maciel de Oliveira, Mitzy Tannia Reichembach Danski, Edivane Pedrolo
Rev Bras Enferm [Internet]. 2016;69(6):990-6. DOI:

The role of a surveillance programme for introducing peripherally inserted central catheters: a 2-year observational study in an academic hospital
Elia Lo Priore, Monika Fliedner, Johannes T. Heverhagen, Urban Novak, Jonas Marschall
Swiss Medical Weekly, Published 11 May 2017. Doi:10.4414/smw.2017.14441